• How can we value, preserve and improve upon the shared wealth of our Commons? And if so, who stands to protect and expand the many fulfilling experiences (like those found only in nature) from decline? Any of us can. And learning to do so not only improves probabilities for human civilization to successfully survive and upgrade our social contracts... but also to enjoyably evolve.


  • Social Wealth is...

    ...the total measure of human, financial and in-kind improvements that accrue across all balance sheets in the global Commons, at any level. Some people call social wealth net-positive externalities of humanistic value.


    The premise of Social Wealth Partners is that any in humanity can intend, create and share greater social wealth across the Commons of our world. If not instead of merely extracting resources and destroying them, then as a means to mitigate such effects from self and others.


    Where are the wealthiest 1% going to spend all that money anyway? Oh yeah, across all of us in the Commons... whether philanthropically, for social enterprise or purely for profit making intents.


    Governments, Businesses, Communities and Social Ventures are all trying (and most are) to improve the world from their own perspective – to innovate, create, preserve and transfer wealth.


    Yet social wealth is much more than the accumulated and most easily represented financial net profits or losses in the world. The social wealth of our Commons is a cumulative measure of improvements in the lives of all peoples, all geographies, all species, positive humanistic abstractions, including the quality of all unnamed and undiscovered potentials found in-between. Even our aspirations of journeying to the stars and expanding the living realm of humanity is appreciation of our social wealth (thanks Elon!).


    Any can become a social wealth partner by individual, team or organization intentions to target and create more social wealth across the Commons for all to share. And this is regardless whether such measurable and objectively verifiable wealth manifests as improved financial, human or in-kind net positive impacts that make our world better:


    If you can intend a better result for others and then make it happen, such that others actually enjoy that result, then congratulations – you're a social wealth partner!

  • What we're doing now

    We're working with clients in any setting to improve the desired social wealth impacts from their work at all levels. We're showing them how to become their own social wealth partner, social innovator and even social entrepreneur.


    Some are not sure how to get started, or are yet very clear about in what direction they wish to achieve their greatest social impact successes, so we're helping them develop that operational clarity quickly...

    Many already have a social wealth compass heading

    We're working with these folks to improve their probabilities of social impact successes, showing them how to increase the magnitude of their desired impacts intended at every level, and also how to accelerate their progress in helping others achieve such desired impact gains.

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